Considering the rain droplets as spherical body. We have two forces acting on the rain drop when it is falling through the sky, Shape Kapseln Erfahrungen namely the resistance force due to friction(drag force)upwards and its weight downwards. Th rain drop falling from such distance attain a terminal velocity while falling i.e their speed becomes constant after sometime. This happens when the drag force equals the weight of drop,, this happens because drag force increases with velocity of the drop.

Drag force= .5*rho*v2*A(frontal area)*Cd(coefficient of drag)

Weight=m*g=rho*volume of spherical drop=rho*4/3*r3.

When we equalize it,

we get the Terminal Velocity(v) varying directly as sqr of r(radius of drop)

So larger drop means, larger terminal velocity and hence less time taken for falling.

So larger rain drop falls faster.

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